Front Page (ft. Alicia Renee)

by Young Flama ft. Alicia Renee

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Young Flama ft. Alicia Renee in "Front Page".
conVusion Gang Entertainment present to you: Front Page - Young Flama


(verse 1)

they used to say i'll never make it, im staying in my basement
im rapping for a chain, my brain, is being wasted
im looking in your eyes, you look at my pockets
hoping that the money will blow, just like a rocket
im just another rapper with, a pen and a mic
motivated cause my moma, she be sayin in bright
you motivated by cash, im waiting up on your crash
so i could pick the remains, thats droppin over the grass
see, the world trippin, lemme getcha shoe lace
so i could just tie it up, like loose strings
some of you niggas, would only do things
if money is in sight, then you moving...
damn, fake niggers all around
see, like a sheep, the only follow the sound
it aint nothing, if you aint ready to benefit others
we all gonna die, so live with one another

(verse 2)

when im gone, i hope you know me
for my lyrics, and the message i bring, balling like Kobe
i hope you know me for truth, for spittin real in the booth
for doing things, you niggas would never think you would do
still, im still crying over the message he gave
he's still lying under the deadily grave...
i know my life is insane, im loosing brothers a day
im crying over a death, the days when im feeling great
yeah, I used to result to physical violence
but its a result, from trying and tryin
and im tired of crying, but you stay on my mind
you told me to kill beats, now im living a crime
we say, i thank you for the dream you gave
you gave me light, and now i need new shades
and everyday i think about, the time we running
and duckin the popo, you never knew ill make, a livin

(verse 3)

i keep my head up to the sky
there's no limits, no places I cant fly
no limits, ima reach for the sky
my body is gone go, but my music will never die
you clippin my wings down, but nigga ill still fly
i persevere, cause my moma be stressin, she still cry
every night, cause my sis she livin in heaven
and i endeavor, on my dreams, so my moma be better
we all dream... dream till we achieve
the images i would see, when i was only 13
and now im climbing to the peak, of the pyramid
and you could put your hands up, if you hearing me
most of you niggas be thinking, im only spittin
for pleasure, its never my own good, never for chedder
im spittin real for the youth, and hopefully in the booth
ill make art to to change, its flama looking at you...



released April 16, 2014
Ear 2 Da Beat / conVusion Gang Entertainment / FLVMA Studios



all rights reserved


Young Flama QLD, Australia

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